Camping in the Dolomites

Bizarre, majestic, impressive: the beauty and the unique character of the “pale mountains” can’t be described with words.

Nature Park Tre Cime Toblacher See

Therefore, it’s no wonder that in 2009 the Dolomites have been declared a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site – the highest award on earth for natural site – and since then have been under special protection. 250 million years the mountain range was subject to the wave action of the Tethys ocean. When this ocean sank, the steep and stony towers rose up white and distinctively as we know them today.
In honour to the geologist Deodat de Dolomieu the Dolomites had been given their present name. From a geomorphological view the Dolomites are of a great international significance, because they provide important and useful insights about the geological history.


Starting with the extraordinary variety of different rock layers over to a surreal variety of colours and in particular an abundance of contrasts characterize the terrain of the Dolomites: Lush alpine meadows next to steep cliffs and a magnificent flora and fauna.
Convince yourself and look forward to excellent scenic views wherever the eye settles. Many hiking and climbing tours near Toblach present to you a whole new world! Immerse yourself in the fantastic mountainous landscape of the Dolomites and enjoy it to the full!