Cultural Centre Toblach

Toblach has become a centre of culture in South Tyrol. The venerable, old building Grand Hotel Toblach stands symbolically for the historical role of the development of tourism in the region.

Gustav Mahler Wochen Toblach Südtirol

In the Cultural and Congress Centre in Toblach many various exhibitions and events take place.
Besides meetings, conferences and exhibitions, the Gustav Mahler music hall is known by many by now: Due to its extraordinary acoustics, the hall is a prominent venue for musical highlights – e.g. the Tyrol festival.
In honour to the brilliant Bohemian musician, who spent his last three summers in Toblach, the Grand Hotel shelters among others the Gustav Mahler Music Weeks each year. In addition to that, you can visit the small lodge, where he composed his music.

Gustav Mahler Musikwochen Toblach Südtirol

The Grand Hotel Toblach also accommodates the Nature Park House of the Sextner Dolomites and Fanes-Sennes-Braies and provides interesting information about the area’s geology and about the war at the Dolomites front during the First World War.
The centre of the village is characterised by beautiful historical buildings and sights like the Herbst Castle, the Red Tower and the baroque church dedicated to Saint John.