Fishing in South Tyrol

The East of South Tyrol is not ranked among the fishy waters of the region, but each year the marvellous scenery of the Dolomites attracts swarms of visitors and fishing lovers.


Especially the Toblacher See, located in an altitude of 1.259 m, is a popular destination for fishermen. Surrounded by splendid nature and by silence, you can follow up your favorite leisure activity, fishing, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And the chances of success are high! The beautiful and natural shore vegetation and the spectacular view of the surrounding mountains allow you to relax and enjoy the peace of nature.
Besides that, the almost undisturbed habitat for plants and animals around the lake is one of the last wetlands in South Tyrol and is an important natural biotope.


You can apply for fishing licences at the tourist association Toblach or at the Seerestaurant.