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We will be back soon!

Everything is prepared for a safe vacation at Dobbiaco Lake:

Masks or no masks, our hospitality and warm welcome still remain the same. We will certainly still be smiling under our masks!

To ensure your peace of mind, we take all due care over every aspect of hygiene, using disinfectants and steam cleaners. As for the rules on social distancing, these are easy to observe since our terraced campsite offers plenty of space for each and every guest!

P.S. Do you have a question or personal request? We are here to help in any way, every day!

You can find more information here:

Best wishes

Family Panzenberger & Staff



We put the health of our guests and staff first and foremost - together with a holiday spirit and welcoming atmosphere:

  • Far away from the hustle and bustle: you are surrounded by nature. The spacious area around the Dobbiaco Lake will put a damper on crowds and crowded places this winter.
  • The alternative to skiing: overcrowded ski resorts and queues at the gondolas are not exactly the best thing. More like a real turn-off. But there's a solution for that problem too. Have you ever heard of cross-country skiing? And are you ready for a challenge? 200 km of cross-country ski runs are waiting right on our doorstep. And you don’t even need to take the ski bus and train ...
  • Social Distancing is easy: each of our chalets is cleaned and carefully prepared for your holiday with us. We deliver breakfast directly to your front door. If you prefer not to eat in the restaurant, you can also pick up your order and enjoy your meal under the stars in your own chalet ...
  • More space, more room: campers also have nothing to fear at Lake Dobbiaco. The pitches are large, the washrooms are always clean and tidy and private bathrooms can be rented on request.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness: measures are taken in the public areas, following suitable procedures on a more careful and frequent basis.
  • Our new passion: to wash and disinfect our hands!
  • Restaurant: meal times are now longer, and the tables have been moved. Your pleasure is still guaranteed!
  • Health checks and training: all the staff are given special training and, of course, health checks. Mouth and face protection, and gloves where necessary, form the basic PPE.

For the check-in you need the "Super Green Pass":

  • Evidence of a completed cycle of vaccination against coronavirus.
  • Evidence of recovery from Covid 19 disease.

We are happy to send you here a very usefull link with all the information for South Tyrol: CoronaPass Infos.